1 year in…

The last couple of months have been a little busy. From back to working on some research from the Whillans Ice Stream in Antarctica, to continuing the development of the Fossett Labs applications, it’s been a bit hectic. Throw in a SeismoDome planetarium show (which was a hit and we may have some shows outside of NYC) and there hasn’t been all that much time to write any blogposts!

SeismoDome at the Hayden Planetarium

The annual AGU meeting in New Orleans is upon us and preparation is well underway for presenting a demonstration of the Fossett Lab’s work for the scientific community. Given the expected unreliability of the WiFi at AGU, I’ve been putting together a standalone demo app that should showoff a variety of different topics we’ve been working on: outcrops, atomic structures and earthquake catalogs. We’re hoping that the community will be generous enough to help us grow the content as the HoloLens-side application is pretty much ready for it.

Also in prep for AGU, my GitHub site has gotten some much-needed attention and I’m starting to upload a few of the applications. It’s still pretty rough but the essentials will be up there. I’ve also bought business cards for the first time ever…

This last year has been a lot of learning for me. Designing user experiences (UX) was not really part of my Ph.D. but it has been a lot of fun. It’s also been mostly solo work and a lot of self-learning, so it’s a relief to introduce a couple of undergraduates into the lab in the new year: one working on importing the Rudolph rock collection into a holographic environment, and one working more closely with me the design of Earth Science applications (and hopefully fixing a lot of my poorly-written code!). Bring on 2018!


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