Fossett Lab Outreach

The Lab is starting to do the occasional presentation and demos show off our new applications and hardware. Interest in what we do is always welcome, especially if it comes with new ideas!


Seismodome is a planetarium presentation of seismic datasets that encompasses immersive visualization and spatialized sound. The combination of audio and visual provides a spectacular show presenting seismic datasets to a general audience.


4 shows have been done in the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. The show includes movies of earthquake locations, ground motion visualizations, seismic wavefield models, and ambient seismic noise.

We are planning the 5th Seismodome for October 26th 2017 in the Hayden, tickets will be free but will go quickly 🙂

Sounds of Seismology

On a smaller scale the Seismodome show can be presented on a projector screen or even an iPad! We have presented this at various events across New York City and at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory as part of the Seismic Sound Lab.


Greenland Ice Sheet Seismic Network (GLISN)

GLISN is a network of 33, real-time seismic stations maintained by an international collaboration of scientific institutions. Greenland is a particularly interesting location to study seismicity as the ice sheet itself is seismogenic (the earthquakes caused by glacial sliding and calving). The project is hoping to provide access to seismic data collected by GLISN – an interesting problem as internet connectivity is limited. The combination of user-side information and the IRIS web services, provides near real-time access to GLISN seismograms and general explanations.

GLISN Seismic Network monitor and outreach page